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    New favorite of Kocaeli;

    ÇARŞIYAKA (In Project Phase)

    Çarşıyaka project, which will add a new value to Başiskele, has been carefully designed for you, with panoramic elevator, the open-plan entrance corridors overlooking the food-court, viewing terraces, fitness center, indoor car park, high ceiling 2+1 and 4+1 apartments with floor heating and smart home system.

    Family Life Project of Başiskele; HANEDAN

    We have brought a new face to Başiskele with the Hanedan Apartment, the living space that is passed on with the first class details.

    Rising Value with Ritrakons; AKARTAŞ HOLDİNG

    The asymmetrical forms on the front of the holding building, which is designed in a modern style, have been also used in the interior and the modern line has been moved to all the places.

    We are designing your spaces; NATURALIS VILLA

    The C-4 block, where we designed and applied the interior design, has been completed with all installation and finishing works, landscaping and exterior renovation and delivered to the end user.

    We renew;


    We have renewed a restaurant which serves at the entrance of NCity AVM by designing interior and exterior spaces, giving a new and modern appearance to the place.

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    To Add Value to Your Life;

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    We have a teamwork based on experience with our young and dynamic staff.


    We always keep our performance at a high level by managing positive solution processes.


    We create solid structures with firm foundation by showing the necessary care from the beginning.


    Always following the current one, we are managing the design processes that are faithful to the modern design concept and proceed parallel to the technology.


    We always add value to your life by using the right materials without sacrificing quality.


    We offer you the best with a focus on results and using the right time.


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