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    2018 / XVI. National Architecture Exhibition and Awards Continue Its Journey …

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    The National Architecture Exhibition and Awards Program was organized for the first time in 1988 by the Chamber of Architects in memory of Mimar Sinan’s 400th anniversary.

    This program, carried out every two years starting from 1988, has been a fundamental institutional support with the presence of more than 30 years behind the architectural production in Turkey.

    With the awards given by the TMMOB Chamber of Architects, it is hoped to show the public that the architecture is actually a cultural activity and that the elite can be separated from the ordinary based on evaluation criteria. During the past 15 terms, 2483 architectural products have been added to the programa; 128 products have been awarded for their outstanding qualities and 47 companies or organizations have been awarded with various prizes. All of the products involved in the Exhibition are  conveyed to national and international public through the National Architecture Awards Catalog, and thus contribute to the promotion of contemporary architecture in Turkey.

    As always, for this term too, architects with professional experience known for their architectural practices, who have been working on architectural history or criticism, has come together for the 2018 / XVI. National Architecture Exhibition and Award Program Selection Committee. In this context, the members of the Selective Board, Günkut AKIN, Ziya CANBAZOĞLU, Ferhat HACIALİBEYOĞLU, Cem İLHAN and Lale ÖZGENEL, have evaluated the participant works in this term.

    Architects and architectural works nominated for major awards selection to represent Turkey in the international architectural environment are selected from the award-winning architect and award nominees in our program. The program aims to increase the publicity of the architectural work, to recognize the rights and responsibilities of the architect and to disseminate the details of the professional practice.

    The works awarded at the National Architecture Exhibition and Awards can also be designated as a natural prize candidate in international programs such as the Aga Han Architecture Award and the Mies van der Rohe Contemporary Architecture Awards.


    XVI. National Architecture Awards Exhibition and Opening Ceremony was Held

    The award ceremony and exhibition opening of the 2018 / XVI. National Architecture Exhibition and Awards program was held with great interest and participation at the CerModern Modern Arts Center in Ankara on 6 April 2018.  Awarded Works were announced during the ceremony and the awards were presented to the owners. The exhibition along with all works submitted to the Selection Committee evaluation continued to be open until April 13th, and will continue to be exhibited at various city branches and representative offices of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey as well as in the architecture department of the universities.

    Next stop of the exhibition is Istanbul

    In the “National Architecture Exhibition and Awards” program,  organized by  The Chamber of Architects every two years and XVI. term is held this year, the Selection Committee evaluated the works participated and found the winners in the ceremony held at CerModern Modern Arts Center in Ankara on April 6.


    The exhibition, containing the works awarded and the candidates for awards in ” the XVI. National Architecture Exhibition and Awards” program,  will firstly be held at the Istanbul Büyükkent Branch after Ankara in the frame of the program.


    Opening of “XVI. National Architecture Awards Exhibition” will be held on Monday, May 7 at 19:00 at the Karaköy building of Chamber of Architects.


    The exhibition can be visited until June 17, 2018.


    The announced route of the exhibition is as follows:

    * May 7-June 17, 2018_Chamber of Architects Istanbul BK Branch Exhibition Hall, Karaköy, ISTANBUL


    * 1-19 October 2018_ Chamber of Architects Izmir Architecture Center, Alsancak, İZMİR


    * October 22-November 2, 2018_ TMMOB Chamber of Architects Adana Branch, ADANA


    * 5-17 November 2018_ TMMOB Chamber of Architects Samsun Branch, İlkadım SAMSUN


    * November 19-December 3, 2018_ TMMOB Chamber of Architects Hatay Branch, Antakya HATAY

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